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Windows Apps Training

Windows Apps Training in Chennai

About Windows Apps Development:

Hypertext Markup Language revision 5 (HTML5) is markup language for the structure and presentation of World Wide Web contents. HTML5 supports the traditional HTML and XHTML-style syntax and other new features in its markup, New APIs, XHTML and error handling. It is the fifth and current version of the HTML standard with new elements, attributes, and behaviors. HTML5 is used to create more powerful and interactive websites and applications. It describes the webpage contents more precisely.And also extends and improves the markups for the document. HTML5 has more powerful APIs to solve complex web applications and also HTML5 supports all browsers including mobile. In future, all existing websites will eventually be converted to support HTML5.

Features of HTML5:

  • Web Workers: Certain web applications use heavy scripts to perform functions. Web Workers use separate background threads for processing and it does not effect the performance of a web page.
  • Video: You can embed video without third-party proprietary plug-ins or codec. Video becomes as easy as embedding an image.
  • Canvas: This feature allows a web developer to render graphics on the fly. As with video, there is no need for a plug in.
  • Application caches: Web pages will start storing more and more information locally on the visitor's computer. It works like cookies, but where cookies are small, the new feature allows for much larger files. Google Gears is an excellent example of this in action.
  • Geolocation: Best known for use on mobile devices, geolocation is coming with HTML5.

Techniques of HTML5:

  • 1. New Doctype
  • 2. The Figure Element
  • 3. < small> Redefined
  • 4. No More Types for Scripts and Links
  • 5. To Quote or Not to Quote.
  • 6. Make your Content Editable
  • 7. Email Inputs
  • 8. Placeholders
  • 9. Local Storage
  • 10. The Semantic Header and Footer
  • 11. More HTML5 Form Features
  • 12. Internet Explorer and HTML5
  • 13. hgroup*
  • 14. Required Attribute
  • 15. Autofocus Attribute
  • 16. Audio Support
  • 17. Video Support
  • 18. Preload Videos
  • 19. Display Controls
  • 20. Regular Expressions
  • 21. Detect Support for Attributes
  • 22. Mark Element
  • 23. When to Use a < div>
  • 24. What to Immediately Begin Using
  • 25. What is Not HTML5
  • 26. The Data Attribute
  • 27. The Output Element
  • 28. Create Sliders with the Range Input


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